High Performance Coatings - Turbo Coat


Just one of the many great products and services by High Performance Coatings.

A significant step up in it's temperature handling capabilities is HPC's TC1 coating. Specifically designed for applications such as turbochargers where substrate temperatures can exceed 1300 degrees Celsius, in black only the coatings help maintain exhaust gas temperatures, increase flow velocity, aid cylinder scavenging and assist in preventing damage to hoses, belts and wiring harnesses.

Track testing has shown as much as a 30% reduction in under bonnet ambient temperatures and up to a 50% reduction in component skin temperature. HPC's TC1 achieves this by creating a thermal barrier that retains heat, which in turbo charged applications assists to increase turbo boost and spool-up. Which is why today's leading CART, NASCAR, IMSA, V8 SUPERCAR AND F-1 Teams use HPC's TC1 process.

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