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  • Issue 9 - Ray Murray's LJ GTR Torana
    Issue 9 - Ray Murray's LJ GTR Torana
    The LJ GTR Torana was released into the Australian market in 1972; featuring a 3.3 litre straight six engine and producing 190 horsepower. Thirty-five years later Ray Murrays 5.8 Litre LJ GTR is producing more than double that figure with 420 Horsepower and 1100 Lbs of torque. This is not the first Torana that Ray has owned; his first being an LC back in 1974 when he was seventeen. This was the start of a love affair that has stretched over thirty seven years with nine Toranas in between. Always wanting to build a tough Torana himself, Ray built a very mean LJ with a lethal 202 in it but unfortunately that Torana was stolen back in 1987. This did not deter Ray however; he simply decided to build another one bigger and better! Only this time he had a V8 in mind.. . . Story and photos by

  • Issue 6 - Adam Bonsall's VE SSV 60th Anniversary Sedan
    Issue 6 - Adam Bonsall's VE SSV 60th Anniversary Sedan
    In 2008, Adam Bonsall bought a brand new VE SSV 60th Anniversary model in phantom. Soon after, the mod bug bit and the car began a journey of change. In the beginning it was the simple power upgrades including a F1 2.5” catback exhaust, headers, cats, otr and a tune. He also lowered the standard ride height with a set of Pedders XA Adjustable coilovers and added the void buses to the rear.In Australia we have Walkinshaw and Harrop. In the UK, an equivalent is Wortec. Wortec supply all sorts of wonderful treats for the VXR8 and VXR500. In 2008, they released a special car. Taking a black VXR8, they added black GTS rims, painted the massive callipers orange and added an orange stripe down the side. More importantly they added a Harrop 122 Supercharger, bi-model exhaust and lowered it 35mm. This car was called the Carbon Edition.As Aussies, we love to give the Poms a hard time. The recent Ashes loss instilled this even more. Despite the love hate relationship the two countries have, both have done the other favours over time. In 2003 HSV and Vauxhall began an export program where HSV exported a HSV Coupe to the motherland as a VXR500. It was a huge success and in 2008 the E Series Clubsport was exported and sold under VXR as a VXR8.

  • Munchies - November 2010
    Munchies - November 2010
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

  • Michael - Blue VZ SS
    Michael - Blue VZ SS
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

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