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  • Issue 3 - Gold Coast Autosalon
    Issue 3 - Gold Coast Autosalon
    Autosalon for those who have been living under a rock for the past decade is one of the most prestigious car events with styling influenced in every possible way with cars ranging in style from JDM, Sexspec, and just plan out crazy. Some cars on show daily driven others designated show cars. Photos by Dave Reid

  • Issue 3 - Jamboree Girls
    Issue 3 - Jamboree Girls - Dave Reid

  • Issue 4 - Cruise for flood appeal at Harry's Diner
    Issue 4 - Cruise for flood appeal at Harry's Diner
    Watching the flooding through Toowoomba and surrounding areas, on Television, You Tube etc, seeing the damage and hearing of the lives lost my thoughts were “What can we do for these people?” On the Thursday of that tragic week I thought maybe an old skool cruise fundraiser could help these people. I sent a message to my mate Andy to get his opinion on the idea and ask if he would get involved with me. Andy didn’t hesitate for a second, agreeing it was a good idea.     Things started simply with us posting the ‘event’ on Facebook, nothing major just announcing a bit of a get together at Harry’s Diner in Brisbane which used to be the number one spot to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night. We thought maybe a few cars would come out and we could have a good night and raise some much needed money for these people. Response was positive from the start. Saturday arrived with a few things left to organize but we hoped everything would fall into place as the day unfolded. The owner of Harry's Diner, Mr James MacVitie had put on extra staff and stocked up for the night unsure of what to expect having only owned the business for a couple of years and not having seen the crowds the diner used to have in its glory days. He was as freaked out as us. All set up by 4.30pm it was like the calm before the storm, as we sat back for a minute to take a rest. By 5pm the first of the many cars that were to follow started to turn up. The number of cars just kept growing with some coming from Toowoomba and others as far south as Coffs Harbour. With the car park at Harry's Diner full and three nearby carparks filled to capacity there was an estimated 600 plus cars by 6.30pm. The smell of race fuel in the air was beautiful. Cars never seen before or not seen for a number of years were parked everywhere. Harry's Diner had customers five deep at their counter all night. The generosity of people digging deep and donating money and everyone’s behaviour was nothing short of amazing. It’s tragic that local News Crews and Media couldn’t find the time to show first hand that people in the Modified Car Scene are not all ‘Bad Apples’ as it appears they want the public to believe.

  • Issue 4 - Ross Langford - 2005 Holden Commodore VZ SSZ
    Issue 4 - Ross Langford - 2005 Holden Commodore VZ SSZ
    Ross Langford is no stranger to tough Holden’s. In the past he’s owned a few cranky Holdens including a HQ Premier with dual headlights and a heavily worked 308/Turbo 400 combo. She wasn’t too flash on the outside but went like a cut cat. Ross Served in the 5/7 Royal Australian Regiment Mechanised Infantry. These brave men and women served in Malaysia in 1986 RCB and defended the air base from attack by communist terrorists. Ross is also the National President of the 5/7 Rar Association and decided to make his car as a tribute to his late wife, his battalion and his solders that have fallen while serving for their country. This 2005 VZ Commodore has the same style as that old HQ but looks a hell of a lot cleaner on the outside. It was built mainly as a tribute to Ross' late wife Mary-Anne who died in a car crash back in 1992. On top of that motive, the car was also planned to be a daily driver that could hold its own on a race track or in a car show.

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