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  • Troy 00VRO Charity Cruise 13-01-2013
    Troy 00VRO Charity Cruise 13-01-2013
    By Blown BMW Photography

  • QSC Magazine Cruise to Laidley - 2011
    QSC Magazine Cruise to Laidley - 2011
    Photos: Lex Treloar - Eagle Creative

  • Issue 7 - Brad Sharpe's VH Holden
    Issue 7 - Brad Sharpe's VH Holden
    The SL/E VH Commodore was the top of its model range. The VH received a few cosmetic upgrades with the SL/E going even further with unique taillights, wrap around rear bumper extensions, black painted B-pillars and upgraded wheels. The late 82 release of the SS and the Group 1, 2 and 3 HDT models attracted more people to the VH model and ultimately sparked a love in the hearts of many. Years later the VH SL/E is still desirable for restorers or modifiers. Brad Sharpe is the latter and his take on the VH is absolutely spot on. It sits right, the body mods are subtle yet effective, it looks damn tough and it’s got a killer donk to boot. What more could you want? Back in ’96 when Brad purchased the car for $5000 it was still running the stock motor which stayed in place until it decided to give up in the KFC drive-through. After pushing the car out of the drive-through and inspecting the engine bay it was discovered that the dizzy module had given out. Brad went hunting for some knowledge to sort it out and he came up with Stuart from Western Suburbs Performance. What started out as a re-graphed dizzy has turned into a fully re-built motor.

  • Issue 4 - Phil Thompson's Mazda RX3
    Issue 4 - Phil Thompson's Mazda RX3
    The Mazda RX3 is well known throughout the world and although it was slower than its predecessor, the RX2, it proved itself in factory racing, claiming many class wins and podium dominations. The 1972 model was the first release of the RX3 and it was equipped with a 10A rotary motor. This causes confusion amongst consumers as the previous RX2 was equipped with the more powerful 12A rotary. To fix this problem, Mazda released the 1973 model with a 12A motor but this car was still slower even though it weighed less than the RX2. The reason for this was the Rotary Engine Anti Pollution System that hurt the amount of torque output and as a result, the 12A equipped RX3 ran slower down the quarter than the 10A model.

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