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  • Craig Jensen's 72 HQ Monaro
    Craig Jensen's 72 HQ Monaro
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

  • Issue 8 - James Moffat Interview
    Issue 8 - James Moffat Interview
    It’s always a pleasure talking with someone who has a passion for what they do. Therefore it was indeed a great experience, talking with the unassuming V8 Supercar driver, James Moffat of Jim Beam Racing. James made the journey from Melbourne up to the ‘Far North’ to attend the All Ford Day event at Hanson Ford in Mareeba. The All Ford Club FNQ Inc, runs this event annually and this year once again it drew quite a crowd of passionate Ford lovers! There were some great cars on parade this year from Tom Pryor’s 1945 Ford pick up to John Cheyne’s DJR 320 Supercharged Falcon, one of only seventeen ever produced by Dick Johnson’s racing team, which had been polished to within an inch of it’s life by Squeaker Clean and was gleaming menacingly at anyone coming too close! James had spent most of the morning signing merchandise while chatting with the show-goers and admiring the cars. I caught up with him as he was eyeing up the before mentioned DJR, and managed to force him away from it long enough for an interview for Queensland Street Car Magazine. Graeme – James, on behalf of QSC magazine and the All Ford Club, welcome to Mareeba and thank you for your time. James – Thanks, it’s great to see so many awesome cars on show. Graeme - I have a couple of questions from AUTO ART photography to kick off with James, what are your thoughts on Hamilton’s driving last weekend at Monaco? .... read the full article in issue 8. Back issues are available through the QSC website store.

  • QLD Raceway Drifts 9th May 2012
  • Issue 7 - All Holden Day Townsville
    Issue 7 - All Holden Day Townsville
    BUNDABERG’S ‘EARLY HOLDEN CLUB’ ALL HOLDEN DAY - Young, old and alike were preparing for days, shining, polishing and prepping their automotive ‘children’ for the annual All Holden Day held in Bundaberg. With new, and old, rare and treasured gems on show, it was a day any car lover would be interested in. Cars and car clubs from all over Queensland travel to iconic Bundaberg to attend this show that has been going for ten years. Due to the current economic status, car entries were down this year with 70 entrants entered the judging sections while there were 47 in the display section. There was some breath taking beauties that were clearly ‘show-only’ cars, including one stand-out Holden ute, with airbrushing throughout the car, a DVD screen or two in the engine bay, chromed dress-up kits, airbag suspension and massive chrome rims. This gold painted, heavily chromed, and airbrushed car was definitely one that made everyone stop in awe.

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