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  • Issue 4 - Munchies December 2010
    Issue 4 - Munchies December 2010
    Pics: Matthew Coggins

  • Issue 5 - Monaro Nationals 2011
    Issue 5 - Monaro Nationals 2011
    In 1968, when the HK’s rolled off the production line at Holden’s Elizabeth South Australia plant as the first Monaros ever built, I doubt anyone would have dreamed that some forty two years into the future, a gathering of over two hundred Monaro owners would get together to put on a show. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Warwick last September. The Monaro Nationals, held every two years in fact, are held in a different State every time. This year, the Monaro Club of Queensland played host for the first time, for the seventh running of the Nationals; I reckon it was about time too! Obviously more than a few punters thought so, and we saw cars from all over the country attending. If you missed this one, you might just have to wait a decade and half before they come back to Queensland, which is a real pity.

  • Issue 6 - Lenney Lowseck Ford XA Falcon
    Issue 6 - Lenney Lowseck Ford XA Falcon
    Lenney Lowseck Ford XA Falcon - Townsville, The XA Falcon had a hard time contesting its predecessor the XY, as the XY was considered to be the greatest production Falcon of all time. All things considered the XA did quite well in the sales department and has attracted many die hard enthusiasts to the Ford shed. Love affairs with cars can start at a young age but many people don’t get the chance to own their ultimate car until later in life when the house is paid off and the kids have left the nest. Some people might have owned their dream car at a younger stage in their lives and were forced to sell to fund a family. Some of these people buy these same cars again at a later stage to re-create what they once had. Lenney Lowseck is a lucky man in the respect that he has owned this sweet XA since he was seventeen. It was actually his first car and he hasn’t sold it and re-bought, he’s kept it in his shed all these years and in that time it has undergone a few rebuilds. What you see here is the final result of a three year stint in the confines of the back shed.

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